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How to Decorate Your Coastal Cottage With Accent Tables

Thursday, September 29th, 2016

cvfzr1907-01Furnishing your beach house can be a daunting task. On one hand, you want all the comforts of a traditional home. But on the other, it’s always fun decorating your space with cute maritime pieces that capture stylish shore design.

If you want an easy solution for infusing that quaint charm without sacrificing practicality, turn to quality accent tables to transform any room. From the living room to bedroom, hallway to bathroom, unique end tables serve a number of useful purposes.


Unique Ideas for Decorating With Nautical Pillows

Tuesday, September 27th, 2016

9000lWhen you’re buying accent pillows for the various rooms in your beach home, remember that design isn’t everything. Color, pattern, and image are absolutely important. But the particular material and overall texture of each piece can also infuse subtle elegance and maritime charm without the need for a professional designer. Even more, the  type of pillow you choose can set the specific tone you’re going for as you layer materials throughout the space.

Check out some of these sensational suggestions for decorating your home with nautical pillows.

How can I make my shore living room elegant?

sea_horse_hook_pillowTypical beach shops may stock brightly colored pillows, but we all know that’s not the only “shore” style, especially if you gravitate toward neutral color schemes. To keep things sophisticated and understated, stick with a specialty décor shop that carries more refined styles. For instance, a brown, tan, or white couch looks amazing with a set of coastal burlap throw pillows. These meticulously hand-stitched treasures add interesting texture and a bit of masculine charm that’s so essential to a maritime feel. Now, if your space boasts more vibrant colors in yellow, pink, or bright blue, avoid coarse textures. Soften things with a couple of hand hooked seahorse pillows with a daring pop of orange.

How can I bring classic coastal charm to my bedroom?

dcrablToday’s modern look is all about sleek, cool colors and bold imagery. But if you prefer a more traditional coziness in your beach abode, opt for a quality hand hooked pillow. If your master bedroom has a simple motif, such as a solid-colored comforter, then a fun starfish hand hooked pillow brings exciting change. These durably constructed—and handcrafted—pillows are the same ones our grandmothers made and displayed in their summer homes. You’ll find designs to fit any taste, from relaxing waves to adorable mermaids.

What’s a fun makeover for my beach house guest room?

emerlPretty pillows featuring sea creatures, beach scenery, and nautical symbols are great go-to options. But if you’re looking for a truly unique renovation in your visitor’s quarters, take inspiration from these amazing coastal location pillows. You can pay homage to your favorite places across the country, from Cape Cod to Martha’s Vineyard, the Hamptons to Miami. Collect a few of these hand embroidered pillows for a coastal theme that friends and family will love. Place one on a chair, a few on the bed, and don’t forget to buy a few extra for some lovely holiday gifts.

Boring Bathroom? Jazz it Up With Beach Themed Shower Curtains

Thursday, September 22nd, 2016

moby_shower_curtain_l_Beach lovers always want their bathroom to feel like a spa. After a long day in the sun and sand, there’s nothing like a fresh, cold shower amidst a clean white and blue motif. Whether you’ve got a newly renovated guest bathroom or a terribly outdated master bath, there’s a sensational shore solution for every style. Here are some great ideas for decorating your bathroom with shore themed shower curtains.


Gifts for a Beach Lover—Where to Begin?

Monday, September 19th, 2016

crab_wall_art_l_We all have that one admitted “beach bum” in the family or in our group of friends. He or she is fun loving, free-spirited, and always has the best décor and accessories that embrace their love for all things coastal.

If you’re starting to think about some unique Christmas, Hanukah, or other holiday or birthday presents for that special “shore” someone, check out some of the latest and greatest additions to the world of beach décor. Superb artisans put out incredible home furnishings, decorations, and art that every beachlover will adore.


Perfectly Themed Décor for Your Cozy Lakeside Cabin

Thursday, September 15th, 2016

Life on the water is endlessly relaxing and fulfilling. But residing in a lakefront cabin during the fall, spring, or summer is one of the most peaceful experiences one can ever have. If you’re lucky enough to own your own lake or river house, then you’re also blessed with the opportunity to decorate it!

Lakeside homes embrace the same rustic, outdoorsy charm that people in the mountains love. So stay true to your retreat’s wild American roots, and infuse chic inspiration with these incredible lakeside cabin décor ideas.


Whimsical Beach Curtains Take Your Home to a Whole New Breezy Level

Tuesday, September 13th, 2016

Life down the shore is all about being in the sun, sand underneath our feet, hair blowing in the breeze. When we retreat indoors, windows provide a profound outlet to the outside world, giving us an exciting glimpse of the day or night before us. That’s why your beach home’s window treatments should be more than functional. They should inspire a chic maritime feel that helps guests transcend the limits of a room’s four walls.

Check out these stunning ideas for coastal valances, panels, and tiers.


Indoor/Outdoor Coastal Area Rugs Take Versatility to the Next Level

Friday, September 2nd, 2016

There are very few home accessories that move easily from inside to outside. Considering diverse factors such as weather, sun damage, dirt, sand, and more, you can only furnish a patio or deck with décor specifically crafted for the outdoors. So, if you’re hoping to bring warm, friendly, functional style to your shore house, tackle the entire property with amazing indoor/outdoor coastal area rugs. From charming sea creatures to sophisticated maritime imagery, durably constructed mats bring personality to every nook and cranny of your seasonal space.



How to Decorate this Holiday With Nautical Hook Pillows

Thursday, September 1st, 2016

lablWhen shopping for shore décor, most of us automatically think of the hot, sunny summer months. We opt for light, airy materials, cool colors, and other signature seasonal elements. But what if you live at the beach year round?

If you’re planning on hosting family or friends at your coastal home this holiday season, don’t forget to shop for beach-appropriate Christmas decorations! A holiday down the shore is totally unique and special, so read on to learn about some easy upgrades you can make come December.