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Beach House Lighting – Coastal Chandeliers

Thursday, January 29th, 2015

The perfect light fixture can set the tone and theme for a whole room, and if it’s the right fixture, the entire house. Chandeliers in coastal themes add striking visual interest and touches of drama to beach décor homes. Decorating pros recommend that you determine the size of your fixture by the room’s length and width. Add these dimensions together in feet, translate the number into inches, and you’ve got the perfect diameter for your new focal point.

Coastal Chandeliers Welcome Friendspalm_tree_chandelier

The entry, or foyer, makes the first impression and sets the mood for visitors. The pineapple, a longtime symbol of hospitality, was used by wayfaring New England sea captions to announce their arrival back home after sailing the Caribbean Islands. A speared pineapple on the fence post alerted neighbors that all was well, inviting them over for libations and stories of the journey. What better way to say, “You are welcome here!” than with a pineapple chandelier? (more…)

3 Smart Reasons To Line Your Couch With Coastal Hook Pillows

Monday, January 26th, 2015

Beach throw pillows on the couch provide a splash of contrasting color and texture for your living room layout. Furthermore, gorgeous nautical designs on the pillows can send the mind racing with visions of the ocean and marine life living beneath the surface. Passersby cannot help but spend at least a few moments daydreaming of the beach after gazing upon all of the beautiful Coastal Hook Pillows resting on your couch. Here’s a few of the benefits you will net from grabbing these Beach House Pillows for your living space.

red_snapper_fish_pillow_l_-02Inspire A Run On The Beach

Catching a glimpse of detailed sand dollars, starfish, red snappers, and lobsters designs displayed on the pillows will make you want to go out there and spot those creatures in their natural habitat. In addition, inspirational suggestions on the Embroidered Pillows will inspire you to set sail, lie in the sand or surf a bit. Your physique will definitely benefit from all of the extra activity inspired by these pillows. (more…)

Compass Decor Decorating Ideas for the Home

Monday, January 19th, 2015

The Compass symbolizes a number of things throughout history and cultures.  For many it represents the possibilities of adventure or moving forward.  For others, the compass leads to home, perhaps even a different time in their lives.  There are still more meanings the compass symbolizes, as many as there are points on that compass.  Yet, the compass has one function – orientation.  Whether one is trekking through dense forest or sailing on the open seas, it is the compass that enables the traveler or the explorer to reach their destination.

Compass Decorcompass_doormat

For beach house décor, the compass can serve one other purpose – a theme.  Compasses can take many forms as some are rustic and functional while others boast of an intricate design.  No matter your tastes or the look of the space you are creating, there is certain to be compass-themed decor piece perfect for you. (more…)