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Greet Guests With the Traditional Welcome Pineapple

October 11th, 2016 by JustinR

double-pineapple-hook-pillowThe pineapple has long been a symbol of hospitality, family, love, and welcome. This whimsical exotic fruit is both tasty and sophisticated with its interesting appearance and irresistible charm. But how might you integrate this age-old custom into your existing décor? Luckily, there are so many unique items that will greet guests warmly while bringing a fun decorative style to any existing motif. Best of all, welcome pineapple art, furnishings, and ornaments make lovely gifts for showing friendship and hospitality to family or new neighbors.

What’s a stylish way to greet guests at the door?

pineappleround_patch_rug_l_Whether you live in the city or the suburbs, the East Coast or West, everyone recognizes the pineapple as a universally positive symbol. And if they don’t, it makes for a great conversation piece! Have them feel at ease from the minute they step through your door with a sweet pineapple welcome mat. A durable indoor/outdoor mat will last for many seasons and brings just a quiet touch of charisma and elegance to any outdoor setup. If you’d like to continue the motif indoors, a round pineapple rug also goes great in the hallway or kitchen.

How can I make my home more welcoming?

pineclocklTry to comfort guests with your hospitality and warmth expressed in a beautiful pineapple welcome sign. Family and friends who know its centuries old significance will appreciate your thoughtful art, but for others, a clearly displayed “Welcome” is more than enough to sweeten their visit. Beyond an indoor/outdoor wrought iron design, you’ll find hospitality pineapple door knockers, thermometer wall clocks, and much more.

What’s a good gift for welcoming new neighbors?

pineapple_wall_lawn_plque_l_2639bkIf you’ve ever moved to a new neighborhood, you’ll remember that it’s always special when a new acquaintance drops off a bottle of wine or some other nice offering. To welcome new folks on your block, go a step further and be truly creative with a pineapple ceramic plaque with “established” date. This also makes a great present for close relatives who may be going through their own stressful move. If you’d like to pick up something a bit smaller but still embrace this brilliant symbol of warmth, a pineapple wreath holder sends the same thoughtful message.

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