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What’s More Beach Than Blue? Consider a Cool Coastal Rug

June 16th, 2016 by JustinR

Choosing the perfect color scheme for your coastal hideaway can be a challenge. On one hand, beachgoers love the bright, tropical colors of the islands. But if you’re more inclined toward the Eastern seaboard, crisp, muted colors are the way to go. No matter your design style, there’s no denying the almighty universal power of blue!

If your beach bungalow features tile, hardwood floors, or other tough surfaces, you’ll want to soften things up with a collection of perfectly themed seashore area rugs. For a cool, calming palette, go for the shade that never misses.

 Finding the Blue for You

What shade of blue is perfect for my area rug?

If you’re decorating your vacation home or condo, it’s important that you stick to the right shade of blue. While a bright turquoise or feminine periwinkle won’t really inspire a maritime feel, go for a classic navy hue that’ll translate perfectly throughout the entire space. Life at the beach means sand, dirt, and high traffic activity. A gorgeous under sink rug with octopus or mussel pattern will look charming—and classic—in your kitchen. Best of all, the dark navy hook design will hide blemishes and provide years of wear.

What’ll infuse that cheerful, tropical inspiration?

If you want to avoid the typical maritime motif, think about a floor mat or rug in pretty cerulean, teal, or even sky blue. All these shades match perfectly with typical island furniture and décor. Specialty shore-themed shops offer whimsical designs in everything from jellyfish and coral to a gorgeous ocean wave pattern. You can even bring some excitement to your home’s exterior with a funky blue sea urchin welcome mat.

In what rooms in my home should I use my new blue beauty?

Many savvy homeowners like to continue a common theme throughout their abode, so consider picking up an entire fleet of blue area rugs to transform your coastal cottage. From a comfy hook piece for the bathroom to a hardy, UV-protected outdoor mat, high-end shops carry it all. This season, folks are especially loving the idea of bringing the indoors outside. For a fast enhancement to your patio or deck space, consider a sophisticated aqua rug with dainty anchor design.

No matter the treasure you choose, just remember the shade that’s sure to impress your shore guests. Go blue!



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