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Want a Special Nautical Theme? Float Away With Buoy Lamps & Décor

June 14th, 2016 by JustinR

Decorating your shore home means drawing inspiration from countless nautical motifs and color schemes. While many seafarers automatically turn to a classic lighthouse or sea life theme, many homeowners are now looking for a truly unique spin on the traditional beach décor.

If you want your seaside bungalow to stand out in a crowd, consider a charming design pulled together with a much-forgotten bay essential—the buoy! From adorable bedside lamps to area rugs and more, commit to a unique dock motif shared by no other home on the block.

Living the Buoy Lifestyle

How can you make a buoy theme work?

It’s not the most popular pattern, but if you pay attention, there are tons of decorative pieces dedicated to dockside chic. With their bold colors, knotty accents, and rugged appeal, buoys offer that timeless distressed look that still catches your eye. To keep things cohesive, pick up buoy-themed lamps that all retain a similar color scheme. For instance, when exploring shore flea markets or your favorite coastal themed store, collect pieces in all red or blue. You’ll find that many artists have turned to the buoy in their construction of amazing table lamps. Now, it’s your job to find the perfect one.

Isn’t a buoy sort of manly?

Absolutely not. Many high end nautical shops carry adorable marine inspired lamps that infuse a soft, subtle feel in a space. Try a cute antique buoy lamp with net for your kitchenette, then match it with an under sink area rug with colorful buoy pattern. Or, to outfit your guest room, opt for a small end table lamp that complements your existing décor instead of overwhelming it. When done right, a nautical theme can enhance the elegance in a room without transforming it into a man cave. It’s all about subtlety and a discerning eye.

Which rooms will buoy décor fit most?

Luckily, your coastal home or condo needs furniture and ornaments to fill its entire space. Put simply, marine décor truly goes with every room. From an elegant buoy base lamp on the dining room hutch to an incredibly unique nautical bedspread in the guest room, this novel theme will translate anywhere. Keep an eye out for buoy lamps to light the way in every room of your beach getaway!



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