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Easy Beach Decorating Ideas for Every Room

June 13th, 2016 by admin

Don’t you wish you could live near the beach all year long? While you might not be able to live there all the time, you can bring the essence of ocean living to your home with these beach-inspired design ideas.

Coastal Decorating Made Easy

Living Room Luxury

Transform your living room into a classic beach bungalow. Paint the walls and wood furniture bright white, add overstuffed nautical pillows, and hang light sheers on the windows. Can’t you feel the ocean breeze blowing through them? Add weather-worn accents of wood, metal, and glass while incorporating subtle hints of blue, green, and beige. Decorate the floors with rugs featuring sailboats, sandpipers, and sea turtles.

Bold New Bathroom

A bathroom of any size can be given that beachy look with a soft coat of light blue or seafoam green paint and bright white trim. Accessorize the room from top to bottom with framed prints, beach accents, and small rugs decorated with seashells, starfish, and sand dollars. Each morning you’ll swear you can hear the seagulls outside.

Captain’s Orders

Give your office a masculine, nautical makeover with that salty old sea captain look. Worn wood furniture, framed maps, rope accents, and fishing nets will make the room feel like the inside of a captain’s quarters in the belly of a boat. You can almost hear the creaking and feel the swaying. Throw down some accent rugs with lobsters, lighthouses, anchors, and compasses to pull the whole room together.

Designer Dreams

Show your whimsical side by decorating a guest room in an underwater dream theme. Use metallic paints in blue, purple, pink, and gold to create a magical, ethereal look. You can let your imagination go wild by decorating with brightly colored, oversized, magical creatures. An heron chandelier, a clamshell chair, a seahorse lamp, and a mermaid rug will all come to life in this magical room of underwater fantasies.






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