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Lighten Up Your Day With a Coastal Chandelier

June 10th, 2016 by admin


A beach house is many people’s dream home. When they look out over the water and see the sandy shores meeting the sunset, everything just feels right for them. However, the exterior isn’t the only part of the house that gives the beach house its Utopian feel. And people can achieve the ideal look inside of the home with a beach house chandelier, even if they don’t live in a beach house.

Top Chandeliers for Your Beach House

The Coral Chandelier, for instance, is designed to look like coral and starfish. The six lights on it have an elegant appearance, which makes it ideal for a living room or dining room. The Tropical Chandelier has a totally opposite look. Although it is a stylish piece, it’s much more laid back with bamboo and tropical leaves. It works well with a tropical-themed room.




When you think about the beach, you obviously think about sand, water and probably palm trees. The design for the Palm Tree Chandelier considers this concept since it’s adorned with six palm trees and will truly give you that lazy, beach-bum mindset any time you look at it. It combines relaxation with sophistication for a look that’s unique and ideal for a tropical theme.




The Sailfish Pendant Light is truly a one-of-kind piece. Its nautical theme works for fishermen and those aspiring to live the life of a fisherman. The fish pendant circling the top of it are handsome and handcrafted. It’s suspended with fish hook chains, which give it even more character. The Nautilus Shell Chandelier’s design is centered around one large nautilus seashell with four smaller ones highlighting each light.




Each one of these chandeliers have a distinctive look that will truly give your home that beachy feel. You can opt for a more sophisticated look. On the other hand, you can choose something more laid back and comfortable if you’re going for a more tranquil look.


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