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Sleep in Shore Style: Unique Beach Bedding You Can’t Pass Up

June 23rd, 2016 by JustinR


Aren’t we always looking for that perfect comforter and sheet set that’ll transform our bedroom into a spa-like oasis? After a long day at the beach, every seafarer wants to return home to total relaxation. The perfect beach bedding set combines soft, airy textures with timeless colors and patterns. But besides the typical nautical motif, why not add a pop of whimsy?

If you’re decorating your beloved beach hideaway, be sure to check out the latest bedding designs in the realm of coastal chic. It’s not easy, but with a little unique design inspiration, you can make your vacation resting quarters completely divine.

Best Beach Bedding

What are the newest trends in beach bedding?

Designers know that beach lovers adore classic marine colors and sea life patterns on all their home textiles. But instead of a wildly colored comic-cartoon motif, you can incorporate your favorite sea creatures without transforming the boudoir into a playroom. Many quality ocean-inspired stores now offer bedspreads featuring adorable turtles or a majestic Kraken in gorgeous muted colors. With like-like artistry and subtlety, your guest or master will be the talk of the shore town.

What are some classic shore bedding colors?

If you’re browsing pillowcases, shams, sheets, and blankets, keep an eye out for simple but colorful patterns. Nothing says “beach” like a bright green, blue, and white ocean spray color scheme. For those who like a touch of the tropics, do a coral-hued comforter set with botanical pattern. Bringing the best of the island life to your bedroom means taking certain color risks that always pay off. As long as you stay away from blacks and browns, your space will exude coastal luxury.

What kind of accents will make my bedroom set stand out?

It’s not all about the blanket, although there are tons of gorgeous nautical quilts and comforters in every marine theme imaginable. If you want to truly set your room apart, bring the best of the beach to every corner of your chamber. Pick up a few turtle, crab, and sand dollar throw pillows for your master suite’s reading nook. Then, outfit your kids’ room with a dainty ruffle bed skirt and matching shams in stunning Euro-inspired coastal style. Keep things in a cool, bright color family, and they’ll never give you trouble at bedtime.

Waking up in your bedroom sets the tone for your day, so remember—your beach bedding better be perfect!



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