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Avoid Slips and Falls Down the Shore: Non-Skid Rugs Save the Day!

June 23rd, 2016 by JustinR

If you have a vacation home in a sunny locale, you’ll know that many builders and designers avoid wall-to-wall carpet for many reasons. To keep the space cool, light, and easy to clean, most oceanfront homes and condos turn to tile, hardwood, and other sleek surfaces to eliminate the hassle of rug cleaning.

But your feet still need a reprieve from the hot, gravelly sand and splintery deck! With a new collection of special non-skid rugs designed specifically for beach homes, you can decorate your indoor and outdoor spaces with mats featuring a number of shore themes.

Picking the Perfect Rug

How do I know if the rug is indoor or outdoor?

While indoor rugs tend to be comprised of softer, lighter materials like cotton and wool, you’ll find that today’s synthetic blends are durable enough to move from inside to out. For instance, the Non-Skid Rug & Mat Collection offers varieties that are hand tufted with unique synthetic UV-stabilized fibers. This means you can lay your lobster mat outside by the pool or under the back door, and its bright orange and red colors won’t fade throughout the season. Best of all, you can easily move it inside and still enjoy a soft, comfy under-foot feel.

How do I know if the rug or mat is non-skid?

If you use floor mats in your kitchen or bathroom, you know that traditional types slip and move with the slightest touch of foot. But down the shore, you need to be careful to protect children and adults alike as they walk about the wet deck, slippery patio, and other dangerous spaces. Each rug in the Beach House Collection features a special anti-skid backing made up of durable textured pieces. Their construction is so stable and strong you can even use your sand dollar or star fish themed rug in a commercial setting.

What other kinds of maritime motifs will I find?

Prepared expressly for the seafaring home style, the collection offers everything from funky flip flop imagery and whimsical waves to more understated sea life designs. You’ll see bright, bold pops of color that are perfect for a weekend escape. But if you want to keep things neutral, you can still pick up a perfectly muted rug to complement your existing space.

No matter your pleasure, remember to stay safe while frolicking about your beach pad. Make sure to stay with non-skid!




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