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Beach Furniture

June 24th, 2016 by admin

So you’ve finally decided to buy that dream bungalow vacation home on the beach. Or maybe you intend to reside there all the time. Either way, if it’s furnished, it’s probably been done in beach bum chic, you know, with random bits of driftwood and whatever other stuff has washed up on the beach in a storm. Maybe a sea turtle shell hanging on the wall, not to mention the stuffed marlin with the broken spike proudly on display. The rest of the decor appears to have been selected from some of the finest thrift stores the area has to offer. But you have to admit the beer can and liquor bottle collection looks kinda cool.


Types of Beach Furniture

Furniture for Guests

No, it has to go, and you have to choose some new furnishings. It should reflect a nautical theme of course, but not overdone with a bit of elegance to balance it out. You start with the deck, surely to be one of the most popular places for you and your guests. You choose some colorful and playful wrought iron type seating, in a multitude of bright hues, pretty yet sturdy and well padded for comfort, and a few similar stools for the small bar area. And the tables match the chairs.



Indoor Tables


Moving indoors, you discover some lovely ocean themed end tables and sideboard tables, and a traditional woven rattan coffee table to set them off. All have a modern design, decidedly different from what your neighbors typically have their homes decorated with.




Bedroom Furniture

For the bedroom, you’ve discovered a lovely bed, made from distressed looking wood that looks like it was taken directly from some ancient lifesaving dinghy. You can almost hear the breakers as you imagine pushing off in a storm to save the hapless victims of a shipwreck.




Cabinets & Chests

Top the whole decor off with chests and side cabinets with a nautical look to display all the curios you’re bound to collect during your sojourns and you have a beach home that reflects the eternal sea, but with a fun, whimsical, modern look. You’ll be the envy of all your neighbors. Just be prepared to give a lot of parties.






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