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Need Something Special for Your Beach Bar? You’ll Absolutely Love This Nautical Glassware

June 27th, 2016 by JustinR

One of the best parts of being down the shore is indulging in a sweet, cool, refreshing cocktail. From a crisp glass of chilled white wine to a fruity frozen concoction, you need some special glassware to enhance your sipping experience.

If you want to bring a cohesive “shore” feel to your beach house dining room or patio bar, then consider some incredibly unique nautical glassware.

Are there any elegant nautical glassware collections?

We often assume that beach dishware has to be bright, loud, and tropical. But that’s because ordinary shops cater to tourists who want those comic-cartoon images and colors. If you stick with a luxury shore decor shop, you can retain your home’s chic, sophisticated feel while still paying homage to your favorite seashore theme.

Designers bring you amazing etched designs with clear, subtle palm tree, fish, or sea turtle patterns. From crabs and sand dollars to scallop shells or a majestic marlin, guests’ jaws will drop at your classic yet original stemware.

What kinds of nautical glassware are out there?

Stocking your shore bar is important, but it’s just as imperative that you have the right glassware to accommodate every kind of cocktail. Luckily, if you’re looking for etched nautical glassware, you’ll find one of everything! Assemble a cohesive collection of martini, wine, champagne, beer, and old-fashioned glasses. You can even mix and match sea creatures, nautical items, and other shore imagery since every piece comes with that classic clear glass elegance.

What if I need a piece of nautical glassware for a statement piece?

If your cupboards are already fully loaded with every variety of drink-ware, then a statement piece is definitely the way to go. Whether you’re outfitting your beach man cave or searching for the perfect holiday gift, consider a gorgeous carafe with etched clipper ship! Filled with your favorite whiskey or red wine, it’ll make a stunning addition to your dining room hutch or wet bar setup.

Stock your bar shelves with every piece of unique nautical glassware from Beach Decor Shop!





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