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Want Luxury? Elegant Nautical Shower Curtains Transform your Beach Home Bathroom

June 28th, 2016 by JustinR

Achieving a beach-themed bathroom in your summer home can be tricky at best. On one hand, classic white cotton linens and navy blue accents can err on the side of boring. But if you go to a typical beach décor shop, you run the risk of going overboard with bright, cheesy tropical colors and patterns.

If you want to strike the perfect balance between true shore style and subtle, spa-like relaxation, consider some luxury nautical shower curtains. There are so many unique maritime designs that’ll bring a truly special flair to your coastal abode.

What are some unique nautical shower curtains?

If you’re going for a seafaring style, classic whites, reds, and blues are the obvious go-to. But you don’t have to settle on plain solids or stripes to keep a sophisticated feel in your bathroom.

Beach specialty shops offer amazing shower curtain imagery that you won’t find in typical department stores. Consider a majestic octopus spanning the length of your curtain, or a great whale inspired by Moby Dick swimming across your space. Boutique artisans handcraft truly one-of-a-kind pieces with the kind of lifelike detail that never looks loud or busy.

Are there nautical shower curtains that’ll fit my suburban home?

Whether you live in a city apartment or right on the dunes of Cape Cod, there’s plenty of chic bathroom décor to capture your love for the shore. As opposed to a striking sea creature or large nautical object, stick with neutral colors and light, airy textures. For instance, a sheer, delicate white curtain will fit with any existing style and still does a great job of subtly capturing that “beachy” feel. Best of all, you’ll love the piece’s understated lighthouse silhouettes that complement—not overpower—the space.

Which nautical shower curtains work best for a guest bath?

It’s fun to dress up guest quarters with unique, unexpected maritime nods to make their stay extra special. If you want your shower curtain to serve as a serious statement piece, consider wowing friends and family with a lovely anchor design. Artists like Thomas Paul specialize in nautical shower curtains with show-stopping presence and appeal.

Love the seashore? Check out other classy nautical shower curtains for your coastal hideaway.



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