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Need Coastal Design Inspiration? Meet the Great Blue Heron

July 8th, 2016 by JustinR

It’s hard to stand out in a sea of fish. That’s why shore designers are always redefining what makes for a refined, elegant beach home. The typical seashell, lighthouse, or nautical motif goes great in every coastal abode, but what if you want a one-of-a-kind design?

Check out some of these stunning design ideas inspired by the great blue heron. The majestic bird provides eye-catching imagery and sets a cool, comforting color scheme for any shore space.

What is a great blue heron?

If you’re wondering how the “blue heron” can be a decorative theme, first remind yourself of the bird’s basics. This wading crane-like creature can be found in the marshes and wetlands all across America and the world. From East Coast to West, North to South, you can spy this regal bird in nearly every coastal location. Indeed, spotting one is a surprising treat.

People have long respected the blue heron’s regal presence. With its large, snow-white body, stunning, slate-gray accents, and subtle blue streaks, it makes for amazing artistic inspiration in any space.

What kind of blue heron décor will I find?

Specialty shore décor shops carry plenty of accent pieces featuring this unique bird. For instance, you’ll find an entire line of indoor and outdoor blue heron throw pillows that bring pretty, sophisticated appeal to any home. For your guest bedroom or living room sofa, a pair of blue crane embroidered pillows will look divine against white furniture or linens. The blue heron’s subtle pop of dreamy, muted color is at once relaxing and awe-inspiring.

For more formal decoration, you might carry the theme into the hallway or dining space with a beautiful blue heron sculpture from a premiere artisan. Couple this with coastal wall art proudly displaying this divine creature, and your home will capture a shore elegance unmatched by none.

How can I incorporate a blue heron theme in my kitchen?

For other spaces like the kitchen, patio, or deck, a blue heron accent rug does a nice job unifying your home’s greater marshland motif. With dainty sky blue dishware, cool white curtains, and other accessories in the blue, gray, and white family, your new flying friend will be right at home.

You can also remind neighbors and visitors of your one-of-a-kind style with a blue heron flag for the front porch or deck. This subtle nod looks wonderful in homes along the marshland, bay, inlet, and beyond.

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