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Beach Accessories With a Modern Twist

July 6th, 2016 by admin

Boy, beach accessories have come a long ways from what they had back in the day. There was a time when all you had was a towel or a blanket to throw down to protect you from the burning sands and the occasional crab trying to crawl up your leg. If you wanted to be stylish, you were pretty much limited to a flashy colored blanket with maybe a silly saying on it. And don’t even think of all the painful memories of dragging lawn chairs all the way out to the beach, struggling to set them up, fighting over who gets one, just to have the legs crumple up or the plastic weaves fall through, or screaming when your arm touched the red hot aluminum strut, much to the amusement of your fellow sunbathers.

Outdoor Beach Gear

Modern Lawn Chairs

Well, those days are long. Oh, you can still get the lawn chairs, but today’s incarnations are much easier to deploy, are made of sturdier materials, and use plastic in places that the sun might make unbearably hot. They’re lighter to carry, and go great with our selection of beach coolers!





Staying Prepared on the Beach

You can even purchase what can only be described as a portable, folding bean bag, with all the comfort those can provide. If you’d like to get out of the sun altogether, you can certainly haul along the ubiquitous umbrella, clunky though it is, or you can choose an innovative mini sun tent, ready to be unfolded in seconds and offering protection from the rays. Kids love them too.

Roll up mats made from heat dissipating materials are becoming quite popular, and are easy to carry. Speaking of beach totes, modern designs can carry more in the same space that yesterday’s counterparts ever could, an entire picnic complete with bottles of wine, and keep them all cool too.

New Twist on a Classic

And then there’s the traditional Adirondack chair, but with a modern touch, lightweight in materials, made in bright, fun colors, and with a decidedly funky design.

Take a moment to peruse today’s beach gear, the choice of those in the know and stylish. And you’ll have everyone on the beach eyeing you with envy.






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