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Our Mermaid Obsession is Here to Stay: See Amazing Siren Wall Art

July 4th, 2016 by JustinR

Werewolves, vampires, witches, and wizards have overrun popular culture for the last decade. But over the past year or so, everyone from little girls to adolescents to fully grown adults have expressed their fascination with the ever-alluring imaginary sea creature known as the mermaid. Having come very far from her comic-cartoony Disney past, the mermaid trend is now chic, luxurious, and gorgeously inspired by centuries-old siren mythology.

With her mesmerizing beauty and whimsical wonder here to stay, here’s how you can pay homage to the mermaid all year long.


What mermaid art can I find for my beach house?

In lieu of a crab, lighthouse, or seashell motif, many fashion-forward beach homeowners are turning to the sea nymph for artful inspiration. For a subtle infusion of her iconic presence, pick a handcrafted wooden mermaid wall plaque made entirely from reclaimed materials. Local artisans paint each rustic palette with dazzling colors and designs for a truly one-of-a-kind art piece.

How can I incorporate a rustic mermaid sign into my shore home?

Forget about small details and literal features. Every seafarer knows the mermaid’s traditional fish tail, long flowing hair, and seductive silhouette. A distressed wood palette featuring the outline of a mermaid holding a seashell goes perfectly in your finished patio, den, or even in a formal living room or bath. With delicate seafoam green color, charming imperfections, and interesting texture, each plaque subtly captures the mermaid’s natural beauty and elegance. These beautiful pieces add an extra layer of art to your already beautiful coastal home.

What if I want a traditional piece of mermaid wall art?

If you want a more intricate artwork meant to serve as a sophisticated wall centerpiece, stay with the beach-inspired medium of driftwood. But for an ornate, detailed twist, shop artists like Suzanne Nicoll who print and paint stunning mermaid imagery over reclaimed wood. Instead of a clean, simple silhouette, a specialty beach art gallery will find you a classic painted piece that delivers a unique, unexpected ode to the majestic mermaid.

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