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Need a New Theme for Your Favorite Room? Choose Nautical Shells

April 3rd, 2017 by JustinR

If you have a beach house, then you probably know how lucky you truly are. Most people would do anything to live on the coast—if only for a few months out of the year. So when you’re decorating your shore house with some thoughtful furnishings and accessories, be sure to commemorate your gorgeous environment for all to see. Embrace seaside living, and integrate a super unique theme in the form of nautical shell décor. Sophisticated style meets enduring comfort with these lovely coastal items.

How can I incorporate nautical shells into my beach house living room?

Perhaps you have a nice, comfortable setup in your shore gathering space—a wrap-around sofa, cozy rocking chairs and a decently sized coffee table. But instead of a stark, boring theme, infuse maritime style. Pick up a few nautical shell throw pillows for the couch and a matching shell table lamp to rest upon an end table. Then, for a gorgeous decorative element, hang a large piece of nautilus wooden art on a prominent wall. Its elegant spiral shape and cool neutral hues are a perfect match no matter your existing color scheme.

Are there any dining room accessories featuring nautical shells?

While your first instinct may be to think about beach-themed napkins or shell drinking glasses, you can go much grander than that! To make a powerful statement in your beach house dining room, install a stunning nautilus shell chandelier high above the table. Whenever guests enter, they won’t help but notice the sculpture’s incredibly ornate details as it sheds light on your chic maritime décor. You can also complement its charming theme with a set of shell wall art prints from a reputable beach art dealer.

Can I use a seashell theme in my beach house kitchen?

Just like your bedroom, bathroom, or really any summer space, seashells go perfectly in the kitchen. If you have a kitchen island or a built-in breakfast nook, think about hanging a delightful nautilus lantern pendant light for a subtle—but sensational—effect. This permanent fixture is specially designed for beach-loving buyers. By the door, you can place a matching shell wall mirror, the perfect piece for checking out your look before a big night out on the boardwalk or promenade. Bring your one-of-a-kind theme altogether by outfitting your home kitchen or bar with plenty of shell glassware, whether it’s beer, wine, martinis and beyond.

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