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Fun, Fresh Ideas for Decorating Your Kids Coastal Bathroom

March 27th, 2017 by JustinR

Decorating your kids’ bedroom, bathroom and play areas is so much fun to begin with. But when that room is in your summer vacation house, the task is even more exciting! Whatever ocean motif you choose, we’ve got some fresh creative ideas for transforming a child’s beach bathroom into a sunny shore oasis they’re sure to love and cherish for many seasons to come. Check out these unique tips for finishing the space with bold, beautiful coastal bathroom décor.

How can I make my child’s beach bathroom extra special?

Choosing a young, vibrant theme is the first stop on your kids’ bathroom makeover. For a super special touch, consider an island theme that embraces their favorite sea life. Whether it’s an adorable sea life nightlight, a tropical fish toilet seat cover, or a cute parrot toilet paper holder, a subtle nod to friendly coastal creatures is a surefire way to infuse childlike flair. If you typically gravitate toward neutral colors and quiet patterns, you can still keep that traditional look. It only takes one or two small items to transform the space into a little boy or girl’s ideal ocean escape.

What are some ideas for decorating the walls of my child’s bathroom?

Wall art is just as important in the bathroom as it is in the living room, bedroom or dining space. For a funky, youthful touch, try a colorful tropical metal wall sculpture on an empty wall opposite the sink or shower. Whether it’s a towering octopus, a mesmerizing mermaid or a cute little sea horse, a subtle piece of hanging art breathes much needed life into an otherwise boring bathroom. You can even mix and match a few pieces—whether neutral metal or painted—to  capture the spirit of any age or gender.

Are there any coastal shower curtains for my kids’ bathroom?

Summer time is all about embracing maritime culture—and kids are no exception! Keep things light, fun and carefree with a nautical shower curtain featuring some iconic ocean figures. From a great blue whale to a sensational squid, these quality handcrafted curtains are pieces of art unto themselves. They’re also comprised of durable, long-lasting materials that won’t gather mold or mildew if cleaned regularly. Take just a few of these tips into consideration, and little ones will love their new seashore spa!

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