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Need Ocean Inspiration? Sail Away With Nautical Ship Home Décor

April 7th, 2017 by JustinR

Today’s homeowners are all about modern functionality. We enjoy crisp lighting, durable furniture, and comfortable accessories. But all too often, those practical pieces lack the truly “authentic” shore feel we come to yearn for. Well, despite this reality, we’re happy to report that there are plenty of ideas for capturing a traditional beach house ambiance. Here are some freshly updated tips for infusing maritime style with cool nautical ship home décor. We’ve found a way to meld traditional flair without sacrificing the modern comforts you want.

What’s a shore house theme for my master bedroom?

Want to create a bold, stately presence in your sleeping quarters? Take a cue from an old fisherman, and pick up a few small accessories with classic nautical images. A set of pretty whaling ship throw pillows goes great on the bed or on a reading chair, bringing just a touch of coastal elegance that won’t overpower your existing bedding or upholstery. Then, a rustic piece of wall art can finish off the theme nicely. Consider a unique framed portrait with antique ship blueprints. Easy and unexpected, this nautical throwback offers an historical vibe you’ll truly cherish.

Are there any ship-themed ideas for filling my beach house bar?

As you set out to stock the glasses and accessories in your shore cocktail lounge or kitchen, don’t settle for any old barware. Choose quality etched glass treasures featuring a sensational nautical ship theme. Whether a clipper ship pitcher, matching etched carafe or beer mug set, guests and family will adore your maritime motif. You can continue the artful design with some ships at sea coasters and a ship’s wheel welcome mat. From ropes to riggings to beautiful coastal scenery, choose ship symbols you like best—and make it your own!

I want a sophisticated addition to my dining room. Have any ship ideas?

There’s one obvious way to incorporate nautical ships into your dining space, and that’s with a stunning focal point: the ship’s wheel chandelier. This quality handcrafted treasure is absolutely one-of-a-kind—but also endlessly chic and elegant with its subtle color and intricate craftsmanship. A coordinating ship wheel area rug will also look lovely underneath the table with its classic blue and white color scheme. The durable, all-weather material will last for many seasons to come as visitors flock to your classic shore abode. So, are you ready to sail away?

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