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Decorating in Beach Coral Decor

December 9th, 2014 by admin

Coral reefs are gardens of the sea, bursting with life, and one of the most diverse marine ecosystems. Magical and healing properties have been attributed to coral in many cultures and civilizations through the ages. Incorporate this vibrant and powerfully positive symbol into your home by decorating in beach coral décor.

Get Inspired with Coral Decor

For the Floors

sanibel_and_shell_rug_l_-02Ancient Greeks wore amulets of red and pink coral to promote happiness and immortality. Invite these attributes into your beach home with hand hooked area rugs in brilliant reds and pinks. The Sanibel Shells and Boca Coral Accent Rugs are elegant, rich, and vibrant – and machine washable.

If something a bit more understated and classic is required for the “Captain’s Quarters” or a room with a predominantly white color scheme, choose the Clam Shell & Coral or Chevron and Coral Accent Rugs.


For the Tablecoral_card_holder

Coral talismans are often used to reduce stress and and promote a stable family life. What better intention could you set for your dining table? Guests will be delighted to find the Coral Card Holder with their name atop the fashionable Coral Bay Placemat. When you pass them the Seashorse Salt & Pepper Shakers, smiles all around! Bring the thematically rich scene to life with overhead lighting cast from a stunning coral shell and starfish chandelier.



corals_rug_th_For the Porch

Half the joy of beach living takes place outside the home on decks, porches, and balconies. A few well-placed, indoor/outdoor pillows and a stunning coral orange border designer rug will complement your beach coral décor beautifully.





santa_needlepointFor the Fun

There are no rules that say you cannot display this vibrant Coral and Shells Santa Needlepoint Pillow all year. Once January comes back around, just tell people it’s Neptune!




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