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Sand Dollar Home Decor

December 13th, 2014 by admin

The delightful, burrowing sea urchins with the five-petal design known as Sand Dollars delighted most of us as children. They can still be a source of joyful fun when incorporated into homes with a sand dollar décor theme. Neighborly and communal little creatures, Sand Dollars cluster together in large groups and live in beds.

Socialize Like A Sand Dollar

Sand_Dollar_pitcherTake a fun and neighborly cue from the Sand Dollars by decking your halls and holiday bar with their image! This is the perfect time to whip up a batch of Santa’s Sangria. The etched Sand Dollar design really pops against the ruby red punch. You’ll need your Sand Dollar Etched Tankard Pitcher at the ready, along with the Sand Dollar Etched Ice Bucket:


Santa’s Sangria

In a punch bowl, combine fruit juice concentrates and wine; stir until well combined:

  • 12-ounces frozen limeade concentrate, thawed
  • 12-ounces frozen lemonade concentrate, thawed
  • 12-ounces frozen cranberry juice cocktail concentrate, thawed
  • 8 cups of your favorite value red wine: Cabernet, Merlot, Syrah.

Just before your guests arrive, add:

  • 1 liter chilled ginger ale
  • 32 maraschino cherries
  • 2 limes, washed and thinly sliced
  • 1 orange, washed and thinly sliced
  • Ice cubes









Serve Santa’s Sangria in the perfect Sand Dollar Etched Stemless Wine Glasses and be sure to keep the Sand Dollar Etched Wine Carafe full of back-up wine for those who prefer a bit more punch in their punch!

sand_dollar_lamp_l_-02Sleep Like a Sand Dollar

The bodies of these tiny, flat creatures are covered with small spines that they use to burrow into the sand. Once your guests have departed at evening’s end, there is nothing more comforting than burrowing into your own bedding.

Snuggle under the Aqua Sand Dollar Duvet Cover and Velvet Pillow and turn off your Sand Dollar Night Light.

Sweet Sand Dollar Dreams!





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