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Beach House Furniture Interior Decorating Ideas

November 24th, 2014 by admin

The ideal beach house does double duty, serving as a cozy getaway for your family and an entertainment space when friends come by. Your job is to select stylish, comfortable furniture that suits both purposes – and you’ll find just what you need at The Beach Decor Shop.

Beach House Furniture

entryway_tableStart with the entryway – a perfect place for family members or guests to hang sunhats or leave their flip flops. Choose a hutch that features hooks, storage space and a beach-themed welcome sign to greet people to your home.

In the living room, use casual wicker chairs that invite you to sit down and relax. Also include accessories such as stools in bright colors – think hot pink, light blue, dark blue and green. If you’re with a small group, simply stack the stools or use them as fun plant stands. When you have a crowd over, the stools will seat extra people indoors or out.


tv_traysAt mealtime, your beach house furniture can expand to meet a growing need in the same way. In addition to your wooden dining table and bamboo coffee table, bring out TV trays that feature nautical designs such as shells and shorebirds. Your guests will have plenty of eating space, and the decorative tray tops are conversation pieces as well. Simply return the trays to their stand when your company leaves.

You’ll also enjoy double-duty bedroom and bathroom furnishings. Top a bamboo stand with a tray as an accent table, or remove the tray to create a luggage stand. Try multipurpose wooden trunks to store blankets in the guest room or for bath towels. Use the trunks in other parts of the house for tools or toys.

Life at the beach should be stress free, so decorate your beach house to make it that way. With multifunction furniture, you can enjoy quiet times or make room for parties with minimum fuss and maximum fun.

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