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Dreams Under the Sea with Beach Bedding

November 20th, 2014 by admin

Is there anything more deliciously restful than sleeping at the shore? The lapping of the waves lulls you off to dreamland feeling snug and safe in your soothing beach bedding. The bedroom is the most important room in the house when it comes time to relax and decompress. But everyone’s idea of the perfect beach bedroom decor is not the same. Ask yourself: “How do I want to feel in my bedroom? What emotions and sensations do I want to experience in my bed?” The answers will guide you in navigating the deep waters of slumbering choices and steer you on to your personally perfect beach bedding decor selections.

Beach Bedding Decor

beach_bedding_under_seaUnder the Sea Enchantment

Do you fancy yourself a mermaid, riding along on the back of seahorses, waving to the snails and crabs on the way to visit the octopus in his garden? Do exotic shells and colorful neon fish swimming by whisper your name?  With so many Neptunian beach decor choices, you are destined to find a dreamy coral reef of your own to curl up in.



atlantic_isle_bedding_L_-02Welcome Aboard Seafarer

Are you the adventurous and sporty type? Sail on, sailor, with a snappy nautical theme. A rustic anchor, knotty rope, ligthouse, and captain’s wheel provide historical richness, lending feelings of strength, solidity, and stability to your environment. Feeling more grounded and guided is always a good thing!


beach_bedding_ruffled_whiteBold, Beachy, and Beautiful

Maybe intricate patterns aren’t really your thing. Go for bright and exhilarating splashes of tropical color in geometric shapes or neutral Nantucket solids and Atlantic stripes. Consider super clean, minimalistic white or solid taupe beach bedding for extra-relaxing and calming simplicity.



A good night’s sleep on the ultimate beach bedding can truly be a “life preserver.” Here’s wishing you starfish encounters and sand dollar dreams!




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