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Whimsical Beach Curtains Take Your Home to a Whole New Breezy Level

September 13th, 2016 by JustinR

Life down the shore is all about being in the sun, sand underneath our feet, hair blowing in the breeze. When we retreat indoors, windows provide a profound outlet to the outside world, giving us an exciting glimpse of the day or night before us. That’s why your beach home’s window treatments should be more than functional. They should inspire a chic maritime feel that helps guests transcend the limits of a room’s four walls.

Check out these stunning ideas for coastal valances, panels, and tiers.

How can I keep my living room comfortable and cool?

Your shore house is sure to be hot during the summer months, but there are strategic décor tips you can implement to keep the space comfortable. Instead of keeping the air conditioning pumping all day long, invest in a gorgeous set of shell valances and panels. You never want to shut out light with heavy opaque drapes, especially in a coastal cottage. Instead, these delicate crushed lace curtains block out the harsh sun while letting in just the right amount of light. The result is a bright, cool room no matter the temperature. They’re also a maritime classic.

What’s an easy decoration for my kitchen windows?

Instead of worrying about custom-fit drapery or curtains, cover up your screens with a versatile set of valances. A clean white color exudes nautical sophistication while permitting much-wanted light to shine through. You’ll find charming patterns such as a set of sand dollar and starfish window tiers, or a lace lighthouse curtain. Whether you’ve got a fun color scheme or a very specific beach theme in your kitchen, these neutral materials blend perfectly.

What’s a unique window panel for my master bedroom?

Dainty, lacy curtains go great in formal sitting rooms, kitchens, and other living spaces. But for your bedroom or guest quarters, a more dramatic look brings individual style and sophistication. If your home currently adopts a classic nautical theme, then a set of majestic octopus window panels make a fun, rustic statement. Are you a literary buff? Well, these truly distinct Moby whale curtains are an even better find. Think outside the box. With exciting sea creatures, oversized symbols, or cool contrasting color schemes, your windows will make jaws drop.

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