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Perfectly Themed Décor for Your Cozy Lakeside Cabin

September 15th, 2016 by JustinR

Life on the water is endlessly relaxing and fulfilling. But residing in a lakefront cabin during the fall, spring, or summer is one of the most peaceful experiences one can ever have. If you’re lucky enough to own your own lake or river house, then you’re also blessed with the opportunity to decorate it!

Lakeside homes embrace the same rustic, outdoorsy charm that people in the mountains love. So stay true to your retreat’s wild American roots, and infuse chic inspiration with these incredible lakeside cabin décor ideas.

How can I decorate my lake cabin living room?

For a central living space, keep things warm, cozy, and masculine with deep colors, interesting textures, and elements of the outdoors. Jazz up the space’s brown, beige, and other natural shades with a pretty lake hook rug in the doorway. Guests will love the subtle nod to all things to do with lake living. Then, frame your seating area with a coordinating sailing the lakes rug with stunning red, blue, and yellow sailboat imagery.

For a practical piece of furniture, a lake shore stool looks lovely as a tiny end table. You can also purchase a full set to populate your dockside patio bar.

What are some fun items for my lake cabin man cave?

If your family loves to kick back and enjoy a beer each weekend, then it’s certain that your lakeside retreat has a dedicated drinking space. Bring a fun twist to its otherwise elegant décor with some cheeky lake trout wall art. A fishing directional sign also pays homage to your favorite lakeside activity while lightening the mood throughout your entertainment room. You’ll even find perfectly themed bar lights, such as this chandelier style hanging canoe light that fits nicely above any seating area.

Are there any classy lakeside décor options?

If woodsy, masculine décor isn’t your style, then there are tons of furnishings that still fit a lakeside theme. Bring vibrant, colorful energy to a bedroom, living room, kitchen, or office with a pretty stained glass guideboat window. The piece looks lovely as a piece of easy-to-install wall art, or you might custom fashion an existing window for a true stained glass effect. For a no-fuss addition to your formal sitting room, a charming piece of summer day wall art is a special ode to the most irresistible place on Earth. Place it above the mantle, over a doorway, or anywhere in your lakeside retreat.

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