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Want a New Kind of Paradise? Welcome the Pelican

March 7th, 2017 by JustinR

Have you ever seen a pelican in action? These birds are quite elusive, and depending on where you reside, you may be hard-pressed to spot one in the wild. But when that magic moment happens and you see this flying creature land on his waterfront post, all is right with the world.

In short, the pelican has mesmerized people for centuries with its superior hunting skills and overall magnificence. In the past few years, interior designers are catching on to this offbeat choice in theme, integrating the image of the pelican in their chic home designs. If you want to update an existing room in your coastal home, check out these ideas for filling your world with pelican home décor.

Are there any elegant options for decorating with the pelican?

With its somewhat large stature and aggressive tendencies, the pelican doesn’t exactly exude “elegance.” But if you’ve ever spied this creature in its native habitat, it actually does inspire a sense of calm and comfort as it quietly relaxes in the harbor. If you want to retain the sophisticated feel of your space, choose a subtle interpretation of this stately bird. A simple piece of pelican wall art blends effortlessly with any nautical motif, adding just a touch of whimsy that all will enjoy. For a rustic take on this dockside staple, a wooden pelican plaque is a sensational focal point for above the mantle, behind a sofa, or on a prominent wall in your beach home’s entryway. With its reclaimed materials and hand painted detail, the pelican transforms itself to match the style of any room.

What’s a great pelican bedroom accessory for a kid who loves birds?

If you’re looking for a smart—but unexpected—theme for your little boy or girl’s summer bedroom, the pelican fits the bill perfectly. Imagine an adorable pelican table lamp on top of a dresser or bookshelf. For a cute addition to his or her comforter set, a couple of green pelican pillows serve as cozy accents. Finish it all off with a funky pelican fan, and they’ll stay cool and styling all through the sunny season.

Are there any larger, more luxurious choices of pelican décor?

Despite its cartoon-character-like appeal, the pelican can definitely capture the poise and polish you’re looking for. If your beach estate has a formal dining room, sitting room, or other well-furnished space, opt for a stunning pelican oil painting. A grand canvas painted by a premier beach artist makes a lovely gift for a spouse, parent, friend—or yourself. It also radiates pure panache with its exquisite coloring and detailing.

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