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Nautical Accent Pillows: Who Doesn’t Love a Theme?

March 3rd, 2017 by JustinR

Decorating a beach house is a truly unique experience. Coastal lifestyle trends give plenty of opportunity to mix and match color, texture, and theme, making any vision effortlessly appealing. If you’re starting to populate your beach house with fun ocean-inspired furnishings, remember that nautical throw pillows are key accessories for creating that cozy, lived-in feel. Here are some ideas for perfecting a charming theme with these comfy, versatile cushions.

What’s a fun throw pillow theme for my beach house living room?

It’s true: everyone loves a theme. And when you live down the shore, it’s natural to gravitate toward your favorite sea creature. A fun blue octopus hook pillow is absolutely adorable for those with an affinity for all things squid, but why stop there? You can create an amazing deep-sea diving theme with a matching whale pillow, sea turtle needlepoint pillow, or mermaid pillow. Imagine a stunning three blue whales wool pillow on a sectional sofa, rocking chair, or lounger. Assemble all your favorite ocean animals, and your living room will feel like an underwater aquarium.

How can I create a tropical theme in my master bedroom?

If you’re looking to spice up your bedroom with some fun colors and patterns, tropical pillows are the perfect solution. Imagine a beautiful pink palm pillow and tropical blue starfish pillow nestled atop a gorgeous white comforter. The bright, contrasting colors will have you dreaming from Florida to the Caribbean and beyond. Be sure to look out for vibrant blues, oranges, greens, yellows, and pinks to perfect the tropical theme.

Are there any unique takes on the typical nautical theme?

Nautical decor is universally popular, but there are always ways to make your interpretation one-of-a-kind. Whether it’s a patio lounger or sitting room sofa, choose anchor pillows to set the maritime vibe. Then, soften the stately atmosphere by mixing in some dainty seashell throw pillows. Just picture a stunningly colorful conch pillow and a set of cool aqua sand dollar throw pillows. Your space will strike the perfect balance of nautical and coastal chic!

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