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Stunning Coastal Décor Ideas for Fall

October 27th, 2016 by JustinR

0079me00007-01It doesn’t matter if you live year-round in a shore town or just love incorporating the beach into your suburban abode. For unique fall-inspired décor, consider a coastal theme to complement the stunning colors and motifs of the season. From wall art and rustic furniture to warm, cozy fabrics and furnishings, there are so many marine accessories that’ll bring a beautiful aesthetic to your autumnal setup.

What’s a pretty fall look for my shore home?

her00010-01Folks who stay at the beach throughout the year face a tricky conundrum. In one sense, you want to retain your home’s unique shore style. Still, it’s fun to dress up the space with decorations and themed accessories that have a taste of each season’s style. For a low maintenance face-lift in your living room or dining space, consider a piece of gorgeous fall wall art. The image of a vast body of water surrounded by a shoreline of trees with changing leaves is perfectly autumnal. By swapping out some of your usual ocean landscape and marine life canvases with a touch of woodland serenity, you can temporarily transform any room in your coastal home.

What’s a simple piece of furniture that captures a fall feeling?

cvfzr1060-01There are plenty of storage pieces that fit every season and go great in your bedroom, family room, or guest quarters. In particular, a unit made of reclaimed wood or some other distressed material is perfect for infusing a rustic feel. Fall is all about the outdoors, so a pretty rustic console drawer makes an amazing fit. The cool tone of the wood against a red or orange cloth runner or vase of mums will instantly invigorate any room. It’s also great for storing small items from around the house.

What are the best colors for my shore fall décor?

cvly1883_1Always make purchases that are sensational—but smart. You should never invest in a quality piece of furniture or art if you can’t display it all year long. Still, why not compromise? For instance, a well-crafted rust bronze lamp brings those typical autumn tones that translate with any existing color scheme. Complement your furniture with touches of red, gold, brown, and other classic fall shades. Whether it’s a table lamp, throw blanket, accent pillow, or some other accessory, all it takes is one colorful piece to celebrate the season in style.

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