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Keep Things Clean at the Beach With Coastal Doormats

October 28th, 2016 by JustinR

adirondack_chair-_door_mat_lThere’s nothing like wiping your feet off after a long day at the beach. Saying goodbye to the sizzling sand and salty water means a refreshing shower followed by cherished family time. Still, it’s hard to shake the sand from our toes. That’s why outfitting your home’s surfaces with plenty of mats is integral to keeping a clean home. From the front doorway to the patio entrance, the hallway to the eat-in kitchen, pick a coastal floor mat in every amazing motif.

What’s a unique doormat for my beach house?

item30kn07c47_jpgStanding apart in a sea of beach-loving neighbors is no easy task. If you want to impress the neighborhood while warming the hearts of friends and family, choose a charming design that celebrates the best of the beach. A quality sea grass doormat is endlessly durable and comes in a variety of amazing motifs. From sea turtles and starfish to shells, surfboards, and mermaids, you’ll find the ideal addition for your coastal retreat.

What’s a durable doormat for my back patio?

starfish_welcome_coconut_fiber_doormat1Does your family love eating outdoors during the summer months? If you find yourself constantly going back and forth between the kitchen and backyard, then a heavy duty doormat is a must. Choose a coir and vinyl blend, coconut grass, PVC, or other resilient materials that won’t rip, crush, or fade no matter how many seasons you abuse it. Best of all, these nonslip rugs feature adorable shore sayings, classic “welcome” messages, and remarkable maritime imagery. Even high traffic areas deserve stunning decor to jazz up your home’s overall coastal theme.

What’s a nice housewarming present for a beach house?

928slIf family, friends, or neighbors invite you into their brand new vacation abode, be sure to celebrate with an appropriately themed gift. Welcome them to paradise with a nautical doormat for all to admire. You can go the sophisticated route with a stately ship’s wheel, lighthouse, or anchor design. Or, to truly commemorate the occasion, a pineapple “welcome” symbol makes a perfect gesture of friendship and love.





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