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Nautical Table Lamps Truly Transform Your Shore Home

November 30th, 2016 by JustinR

light_house_lamp_blue_ll_Today’s contemporary homes feature built-in lighting that’s both functional and attractive. But for those of us who grew up with tons of table lamps in every corner (and in every room) of our homes, there’s nothing that illuminates a space quite the same. There’s a subtle glow—almost a romantic warmth—that radiates from a quality table lamp with its translucent shade and unique sculptural base. Now, add in the best maritime themes known to man, and you’ve got an amazing piece of home décor fit for every modern shore home. If you want to bring a new, exciting change to your beach home, consider the following ideas for decorating with nautical table lamps.

What kinds of nautical table lamps will I find?

blue_shell_shutter_lamp_l_Shopping with a quality shore shop, you’ll discover tons of options for lighting your space on a long, dark summer night. These tabletop essentials feature your favorite shore symbols, including seashells, lighthouses, herons, sailboats, starfish, palm trees, and practically every beach motif you can imagine. A bird of paradise lamp offers a pop of unexpected color, while a classic dock pilings lamp brings a subtle, masculine vibe to your home. These beautiful treasures go great in a living room, dining room, hallway, bedroom, and beyond. Anywhere you have a level surface, whether it’s a countertop, accent table, bedside stand, or hallway hutch, you can bring a touch of whimsy to complete the space.

Will I find maritime table lamps made from quality, durable materials?

item29bc_1Unlike the cheap furnishings you might find in a tourist shop, you’ll enjoy the finest quality décor as long as you stay with a reputable shore décor shop. Each piece is sure to come ready with a unique handcrafted shade made of the most resilient, easy-to-clean materials on the market. Finished with painstaking precision, every treasure boasts its own uniquely sculpted and painted base with your favorite shore motifs. Pick a lamp with an antique fisherman’s lantern for the den, or a fun lifeguard stand lamp for the kids’ room. For your updated master bedroom, a pair of matching scallop shell lamps is both charming and practical. You’ll love relaxing before bed with a good book, while your husband or wife snuggles up with the local shore magazine. Just remember that these artistic wonders are truly unique, so they also make lovely housewarming or holiday gifts for the beach lover in your life.

What’s a nice nautical theme for my guest bedroom?

item13bb_1Have you been waiting to finally give the guestroom a much-needed facelift? Instead of investing in expensive upgrades, try out a new theme, and start with a unique lamp featuring a quintessential seashore symbol. A pretty anchor lamp will set the maritime scene atop a dresser. Then, you can finish out the look with matching nautical artwork, rugs, bedding, and other accessories. If you need a second source of light, a cool buoy lamp will complement the space well. With a little shore inspiration, the sky’s the limit!

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