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Coastal Mirrors Reflect Your Easy, Breezy Shore Spirit

November 28th, 2016 by JustinR

beach_life_mrror_l_Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the best decorator of them all? Of course, you are! But if it weren’t for some shore inspiration, we’d all get bored with our home’s design scheme. If you want to shake up your beach house’s current furnishings, start with those mounted mirrors that have occupied your walls for decades. You’d be surprised how one simple change can totally transform a room. Read on for some truly amazing ideas for enhancing your home’s atmosphere with beautiful coastal mirrors.

How are shore mirrors different than the regular, everyday variety?

welcome_aboard_mirror_l_There’s a reason designers have an entire subcategory of mirrors for beach homes. When you live near the coast, homes are designed to let in extra light, and it’s important to have lots of mirrors to adequately reflect the sun’s precious rays. Taking a hodgepodge of inspiration, maritime decorators have always used reclaimed materials in constructing their home furnishings, including the framework for decorative mirrors. To bring much-needed newness to your master bathroom or bedroom, hang a lovely driftwood mirror with hand-painted detail. Available in the shape of a fish, sunburst, starfish, and more, you’ll find a perfectly unique piece to complement any room’s existing décor.

How can I execute a perfect nautical theme in my dining room?

vertical_fish_miroor_l_It’s sometimes difficult to pinpoint what exactly a maritime motif entails. However, with a little brainstorming, the idea is actually quite simple—replicate the look of a porthole! Like the small circular windows on a majestic ship at sea, your beach home’s formal dining room will look incredible with similar spherical wall art. A gorgeous fleur de lis mirror gives a subtle nod to the classic porthole symbol, while a similar round fish mirror offers a quaint focal point for the space. Use your imagination, and remember that these relatively small mirrors also go great in a tiny kitchen or laundry room.

What’s a colorful mirror for my seashore bedroom?

seashell-frame-mirror-01Before walking out to face the day, we like to check ourselves in the mirror, otherwise known as the almighty truth teller. If you want to smile every time you fix your hair or put on a pair of earrings, opt for a colorful coastal mirror in your bedroom, hallway, or really any space in your shore abode. A pretty coral wall mirror is simple but sassy, infusing a pop of bright orange and green like its underwater inspiration. For something a tad subtler, a rustic blue sea mirror oozes antique charm that’s wildly popular at the moment. You can’t go wrong when the ocean is your muse!

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