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Lake House Lighting Ideas: Prepare to Be Amazed

March 16th, 2017 by JustinR

Whether you live down the beach, up in the mountains, or right on the shores of a placid lake, life in the splendid outdoors is always awe-inspiring. It’s important to reflect the beauty of nature in our indoor spaces as well. That’s why we’ve thought of some incredible ideas for incorporating flush mount lighting fixtures into your lake home. Featuring unique silhouettes of the wilderness, water, animal life, and beyond, these one-of-a-kind lamps are sure to impress even the most discerning homeowners. Read on for some fabulous tips for decorating with lake house lighting.

Where can I use flush mount lighting in my lake house?

Unlike your typical pendant or standing lamp, a flush mount light is discreet and perfectly sized for really any space. If your lakefront cabin has a kitchen island, integrated bar, or some other prominent gathering space, consider framing it neatly with a charming lake flush mount light. With its serene picture of a lake, canoe, and adventure-loving man, this unique piece captures the tranquility of your outdoor locale. You can even use this versatile light above a bed or in the center of a living room. Try an interesting rainbow trout light for a funky nod to your favorite pastime.

What’s a pretty flush mount light for a formal dining room?

Wilderness décor is chic in its own right, even if it integrates outdoorsy motifs. A flushmount with quiet pond is an ideal choice for a dining space with its classic shoreline imagery. No matter your existing décor, this treasure illuminates the room adequately while still offering some unique decorative flair. If you’re hoping to make a truly awe-inspiring statement, consider a more artful piece such as a Meyda Tiffany fishtracks flush mount light in the grand foyer or living room with open floor plan.

What’s a quaint lighting option for my lake house guest bedroom?

Impress friends and family with a thoughtful piece that commemorates the best of wilderness living. Life on the lake is all about fishing, so why not integrate a gorgeous flush mount fly fishing lamp? While they’re lying in bed after a long day on the shore, visitors will look up and gaze away at the exquisite detail and bright—but comforting—light of this majestic fixture. No matter what motif you choose, just remember to embrace a piece that conjures sentimental memories that you’ll continue to cherish for many seasons to come.

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