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Heron Décor Brings Sensational Sophistication to Your Beach Haven

March 20th, 2017 by JustinR

The blue heron is a majestic figure, an elusive bird that’s a real treat to see if you live by the beach or bay. This lovely creature is unmistakable with its beautiful silvery feathers and graceful presence. So, it’s only natural that we embrace its enchanting image for our equally gorgeous beach homes. If you’re hoping to upgrade an existing room with some interesting décor or accessories, consider these ideas for decorating with blue heron beach décor.

What’s a unique idea for incorporating the heron in my shore house living room?

You have a fully furnished family room with a comfy couch, pretty coffee table, and all the other essentials. So how can you put a personal spin on the typical beach house gathering space? The blue heron is an exceptional choice for any elegant room where you like to entertain friends and family. Imagine a distressed wood wall art with the image of this stunning bird. The rustic inspired piece makes a grand statement on any prominent wall. You can even incorporate a pop of color with a few blue heron throw pillows. Scatter them about the space for some added comfort and texture.

How can I make a permanent upgrade to my home with the blue heron?

Down the shore, we like to keep windows bright and open to let in the summer sunlight. But have you ever considered a bold focal point with a colorful stained glass window? You’d be surprised at how much a dramatic effect an egret and heron stained glass window has above your front door or on an unused wall. You can even carry the theme throughout your space with some lovely heron sconces in the living room, dining room, or bedroom.

Are there any unique gifts I can give featuring the heron?

Do you have a parent, sibling, or special friend with a beach house? You can’t go wrong with a piece of one-of-a-kind coastal art. A blue heron sculpture fits seamlessly in any space, and you’ll be 100% certain they’ve never received one before. Premier shore artists capture the beauty of this creature in stunning lifelike detail. Just wait until they open their eyes to see this astounding birthday or holiday present. If you’re looking for a gift that’s a bit subtler—perhaps an engagement, anniversary, or wedding present, then a set of heron bookends is a staple for any office or library. The couple will adore your tasteful gesture.




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