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How to Make a Statement with a Coastal Area Rug

November 17th, 2014 by admin

Using rugs to decorate a beach house is a nice way to complete a coastal living room. Rugs add excitement, create spaces for certain uses in the room, and tie all the other decorative elements together. Rugs with a beach house theme define it as one of the most impactful layers in the room’s décor.

Beach House Rugs










To delineate dining areas or seating areas, rugs are a visual guide. Beach house rugs made to withstand the challenges of the foot traffic are great for entryways, as a place to transition from the beach to the interior space. These water resistant rugs accommodate wet shoes and feet. A nice design is to use small throw rugs by the entry doors, with a larger rug for seating areas.

Rugs offer balance in response to the other elements in the room. The idea for pleasing aesthetics is to have rugs complement the furniture, paint, or wallpaper. Think in terms of complimentary colors and patterns. For example, if the walls have a very intricate pattern with complex designs in the wallpaper, a rug with a design that is more subdued would be a good match. The opposite is also true. If the walls are sedate, then an ornate rug that will capture attention.

In other words, rugs are an enhancer for the rest of the room. They can turn up the excitement or lower the energy for a more sedate and relaxing environment. Both feelings are achievable depending on the mix of furniture and other elements in the room.



One of the favorites for beach houses is a rug with a koi fish rug (large gold fish) pattern. This stays within the general theme of a beach house, yet adds the extra sophistication of an exotic Asian flavor as well.


All of the beach house rugs are fun and getting a few extra ones allows changing them occasionally to have a fresh look.

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