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Decorating A Coastal Home with Christmas Decor

November 12th, 2014 by admin

Coastal living is a treasure all throughout the year, but the holidays offer you particularly unique ways to decorate to celebrate the season in regional style and good cheer. Remember to think outside the ordinary Christmas box–ribbons and bows included–when you start planning all the Coastal Christmas Decorations in your seaside home.

Stay True to Your Coastal Color Scheme While Adding Decorations


If your home is regularly decked out in earth tones, pale blues and other colors that complement the nearby beach and water, find or fashion decorations that reflect that. Choose a tree dusted with artificial snow and decorate it with pale blue ribbons or garland, powder blue bulbs and beige starfish ornaments.

Place Your Tree in a Prime Location

If you have a large patio door or bay window, that would make a perfect location so you can easily see it, and nighttime seafaring water crafts can see your tree’s lights from the water.

Incorporate the Natural Coastal Environment Into Your Decor Plans

Comb the beach for shells that you can use as tree ornaments. Combine shells that you find with some artificial starfish to make a decorative wreath for your front door or to hang above your fireplace. Drill small holes into the shells to turn them into ornaments for something truly one-of-a-kind for your coastal Christmas tree’s decorations.

Keep Things Casual and Bright

Choose a small and colorful tree to mirror your casual and laid back attitude at your coastal home. Search for colorful ornaments such as clown fish, sea turtles and anything else you find that adds some spark to the holidays, celebrating the special time of year in your own unique way.

Change the Shape of Things

Make triangular or square wreaths to hang in your panel of beach facing windows to shake things up. You can use traditional pine needles, but add local found objects, such as sea shells and sea glass.

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