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Design 101: How to Decorate With Coastal Ottomans

May 3rd, 2017 by JustinR

So, what exactly is an ottoman? We’ve all heard of the term, and we’ve all had them in our homes. But does anyone actually know its true function? The fact is, so many of us purchase ottomans simply because they “match” a chair or sofa set—and this is a sad reality. For those of us who love to decorate our shore houses, there are plenty of functional—and fashionable—uses for ottomans throughout each room. Here are some ideas for bringing practical appeal to your weekend retreat with coastal ottomans.

In what ways can I decorate with a quality nautical ottoman?

In many applications, people assume that an ottoman is simply there as a footrest, a tiny platform to rest their weary toes after a long day on the sand. So, underneath your favorite rocking chair or sofa, a comfy cotton pouf style ottoman does wonders. For a more formal feel, a wicker ottoman is even more ideal due to its classic shore material. But you can go well beyond this! Consider these other ideas for decorating with pretty beach ottomans…

What if I don’t use my ottoman as a footrest?

If you don’t need the piece to be functional, use it as a decorative accent where you can rest books and other knick-knacks. For instance, a coastal bamboo ottoman comes ready with a little built-in ledge for convenient storage. The fixture goes great at the foot of a bed, in a master bathroom, or even as a tiny table for a little boy or girl. A rattan bed bench serves a similar purpose, providing additional space to suit your needs. If the piece isn’t in use, remember that it’s a blank canvas for displaying everything from a picture frame or candle to a sculptural shore artwork.

Can an ottoman be used as seating?

Depending on the size of the piece, you can absolutely style your ottoman as a quaint little bench or sitting space. Imagine a coastal bamboo bench sitting against the wall in your living room or study. You can cozy up with a good book on a late afternoon, or when the piece isn’t in use, hang a pretty coastal blanket over its back for a stylish effect. Form meets additional function with a wooden Nantucket bench, which takes the ottoman up a notch with its spacious storage. This classic chest goes perfectly in any shore kids’ room or guesthouse. Remember that the sky’s the limit with these versatile beach house fixtures.





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