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Amp Up Your Home’s Nautical Style With A Beach Doormat

May 1st, 2017 by JustinR

You’ve spent ages selecting the perfect furniture, decor and accessories for your nautical-themed home, only to realize that the sand you adore on the beach is now being tracked onto your pristine floors! Even after instating a strict no shoes policy that forces your guests to abandon their beloved flip flops, you still encounter remnants from their latest beach outings all over your living room and foyer. This is frustrating, to say the least.



The seemingly obvious solution to your unfortunate situation is to invest in a doormat. Unfortunately, the average doormat is dull and drab — and thus, a poor fit for your carefully-decorated home. But without a high-quality doormat, friends and family members will continue to track sand, dirt and grime all over your house, leaving you forced to give up valuable recreation time so that you can clean up their messes.
As a tidy individual who happens to love beach decor, your best bet is to invest in a doormat that reflects your adoration of all things nautical. This colorful mat should be both functional and fashionable, allowing guests to wipe their feet while commenting on your impeccable taste. Depending on the style of your home and your own unique personality, this doormat could feature calming beach imagery or a call to get the party started.



A doormat should not simply be a place to wipe your feet — it’s an very important piece of decor that allows guests to form favorable first impressions of your humble abode. Even if you’re all alone for the evening, you will appreciate the way this simple statement piece ties up the entire room. If the beach is your one true home, a nautical doormat can transform your current residence into your home away from home.





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