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Cozy Up With Nautical Throw Blankets

November 16th, 2016 by JustinR

bk025_mid-2We’re always asked about the ideal textiles folks should use in their beach homes. On one hand, the summer is known to be painfully hot in some parts of the United States and beyond. That’s why many decorators will opt for cool cottons and other breathable materials. But in the off-season, the East Coast (in particular) can withstand some pretty harsh weather. Even more, if your home’s temperature is controlled by thermostat, central air can send a chill down anyone’s spine. In this case, you may want a warmer fabric for occasional insulation.

For those people who love wrapping themselves up in a warm, comfy cover, here are some fabulous ideas for decorating your beach house with nautical throw blankets.

What material blanket would you recommend for a shore home?

blanket25lBelieve it or not, this is completely a matter of taste, style, and personal preference. Every person reacts differently to specific fabrics, but of course, some are known to provide optimal insulation. For the hot, sweltering summer months, opt for a cool blue cotton throw blanket for over the back of a sofa or recliner. This soft, luxurious piece provides some comfy support but also decorative appeal so it has a place even if you never use it. You’ll also find light, airy cotton blankets in various shades of blue, gray, and other quintessential shore colors.

What’s a warm blanket for the colder months of fall, winter, and spring?

bk114If you stay in your nautical home year round, then definitely opt for a selection of fleece throw blankets for the bedrooms, family room, and guest rooms. You’ll find pretty beige throw blankets with thick, tightly woven wool material sure to last for decades. For a friendlier atmosphere in the kids’ playroom or bedroom, try a charming patterned piece like an anchor fleece blanket or blue crab throw. Little ones will love snuggling up to their favorite nautical symbol or sea creature, and best of all, they’ll stay warm through every snooze.

Are there any nautical throw blankets that make a nice gift?

bk094If you have a particular beach lover in your life, don’t be afraid to think outside the box for an upcoming birthday or holiday present. A throw blanket is always a welcome gift, as we all have plenty of uses for them. Select a fun, decorative thematic piece such as a fleece flip flop throw blanket for a special girlfriend or coworker. For a more serious parent with a discerning eye for design, a classic blue linen throw goes well in nearly any home, whether coastal or suburban. These quality handcrafted treasures are sure to last for many seasons to come!

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