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Coastal Wall Sconces Light Up Your Nautical Space

November 9th, 2016 by JustinR

san_dollar_sconce_light_l_Lighting has the ability to transform the ambience of any space. But when you live down the shore, you have to be strategic with your recessed, standing, tabletop, and sconce lighting. In particular, sconces offer an ideal balance between moody warmth and the bold, bright light you need on a dark night. Here are some ideas for decorating your beach house with unique coastal sconces.

Where’s a good place to install sconces in my living room?

mmered_head_shark_l_Depending on an area’s specific lighting needs, you should consider placing either one or two sconces per wall to complement your existing décor. Since your beach home is full of charming nautical ornaments, you should choose sconces with a similarly quaint theme. A pair of sailboat sconces goes perfectly on opposite sides of your mantle. Frame a nice shore portrait in the center, and you’ll have a gorgeous centerpiece to establish the maritime tone of the space. On an open wall, you might also install a few scattered seashell sconces for an artsy effect. These small but sophisticated pieces provide just the right amount of ambient light to enjoy a book or chat around the coffee table.

Are there any cute sconces for a kid’s room?

seahorse_sconce_l_A true beach motif integrates playful images of our favorite sea life, including fish, sea horses, shells, lobsters, crabs, and beyond. If your beach bungalow features a playroom, children’s bedroom, or other adorable kid space, sconces bring an unexpected touch of elegance. You can maintain the room’s spirited theme by installing a cute turtle wall sconce. Or, you’ll also find plenty of other intricately designed nautical creatures. Each light can be wired in the wall or plugged in externally for your convenience.

Can sconces work in a shore kitchen?

angelfish_wall_sconce_l_Sconce lighting is ideal because it’s not too bright, but not too dark. Depending on its design, a coastal kitchen doesn’t typically need a ton of recessed lighting. You’ll only need additional illumination in the evening, so sconces are an amazing idea. For fun, sophisticated flair, a cool crab sconce brings a crafty panache that’s hard to match. Take a risk, and choose a unique handcrafted light featuring your favorite maritime theme.

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