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Beautifying your beach house isn’t easy. Once you’ve chosen the perfect wall color, coastal rug, island furniture and other essentials, you’ll want to fill the space with special touches that really make it your own. To transform a room from boring to absolutely sensational, be sure to decorate every wall with the right amount of coastal wall art and decor. With the Stupell Industries brand of artisanal home decor, achieving this goal is as easy as a summer breeze. This premium line of beach inspired wall clocks, plaques, signs, window scenery and other treasures are perfect for every room in your coastal retreat. From the living room to the kitchen to the bedroom to the bathroom, populate every area with creative designs like the image of a stunning island beach, relaxing palm trees, intricate seashells and sand dollars, sailboats and other classic shore imagery. Best of all, many of Stupell Industries’ items are as functional as they are fashionable. A round wall clock goes perfectly above an entranceway or prominently displayed on a main wall. The family can always tell time while taking in the breathtaking scenery painted by experienced shore artists. Be smart, be original—and be sure to pick up a design by Stupell Industries!



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Do you ever wander the aisles of your favorite department store and wonder: why doesn’t something just “jump out” at me? Whenever you’re looking for something in particular, you never actually find it. Instead of waiting to stumble upon that perfect piece for above your shore house mantle or beach bedroom headboard, head over to the incredible designs by Stupell Industries. Picture this. Guests and family walk from room to room in your shore home admiring your many coastal inspired decor. From your sealife blankets and pillows to your gorgeous bamboo and wicker furniture, everything is just so “shore.” But what do they notice most of all? In every room, a stunning work of art draws the eye in the best way possible. A pretty island clock in the hallway ticks and tocks away as the ocean waves roll in the background. A coastal lithograph wall art brings beautiful blues and greens throughout the kitchen. And a fun bathroom wall plaque reminds guests of your traditional island style. Is there anything more relaxing or revolutionary? Only if it’s from Stupell Industries!  


Emerald Coast Pillow
I just ordered and received my Emerald Coast handstiched pillow, and it is gorgeous! Everyone compliments it, and I couldn’t be happier with how it looks.
Susan Taylor
Apr 8, 2018