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That classic, charming beach house vibe is all about practicality. For years, shore dwellers have embraced all that’s recyclable, using premium shore materials to handcraft unique treasures for all to admire. If you’re hoping to replicate that same quaint feel, consider incorporating a few stunning nautically inspired pieces from Saltwater Salvage Designs. As the name suggests, this North Carolina based dealer brings you gorgeous one-of-a-kind beach art and décor on rustic wood canvases and other mediums straight from the ocean. Buyers celebrate this premium shore brand and all its unique features. Whether it’s a pretty lithographic framed artwork or a painted sea life portrait repurposed from old floorboards, there’s a stunning creation just waiting to enter your coastal abode. Consider a sprawling distressed wood artwork for your living room or dining space. Featuring whales, fish, dolphins, sea horses, stingrays, turtles, jellyfish, starfish and beyond, there’s no doubt you’ll find a fun but elegant rendering of your favorite sea animal or symbol. Best of all, these high-quality prints take inspiration from vintage maritime images of yesteryear—but all at affordable reproduction prices.

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Is there an empty wall in your great room just begging for a makeover? Sometimes empty space can be the enemy, creating a stark feel in an otherwise cozy room. If you want to fill that wall with exceptional artwork that no one has ever seen before, be sure to check out some amazing pieces from the Saltwater Salvage Designs line of decorative accents. Right now, that wall is a blank canvas. But picture this. Instead of one large painting, you decide to exude a quaint, eclectic vibe by arranging multiple artworks in a collage. You browse the many unique finds in the Saltwater Salvage Designs collection, and settle upon four lovely lithograph paintings on rustic wood boxes. Featuring a sea urchin, sperm whale, tuna, and turtle, the four pieces fit together perfectly in an artful arrangement. Serving as a major focal point in the space, the handmade treasures represent images that are over 100 years old—truly vintage masterpieces that’ll have guests talking for ages. Now that’s a sensational sight—and remember that it’s all possible with Saltwater Salvage Designs.


Great White Shark Wooden Plaque
Beautiful and crafted well. Will return to this shop.
Corbin Seti
Aug 15, 2015

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