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There’s nothing more nautical than the traditional shades of red, white and blue. Seafaring men and women looking to enhance their wardrobes with one-of-a-kind accessories should embrace these patriotic colors, but there’s an even better way to stand out in a beach crowd. The SailorBags brand of products brings you truly unique handbags, totes, coolers, iPad covers, duffel bags, pillow covers and countless other travel and living essentials. Best of all, each handcrafted piece is durably composed of up-cycled seacloths once used by real life sailors. Shore shoppers can even personalize their maritime treasures with custom text, whether it’s a name, set of initials, monogram or a favorite island saying. Beyond the brand’s beautiful beach totes, you’ll also find high quality shoe bags, bolster pillows, overnight suitcases, book covers, backpacks and countless other awe-inspiring creations. For an eco-friendly holiday or birthday gift you won’t find in stores, check out SailorBags' latest reclaimed masterpieces in their vast collection of premium products. No matter your need, these gorgeous sailcloth sensations promise many years of durable, dependable use. Anchors away!

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Wishing you could impress mom, dad or a close friend with an amazing gift for an upcoming birthday, anniversary, housewarming party or special event? The SailorBags brand offer incredible personalized presents fit for every occasion. Imagine this. Your greatest girlfriend throws a beach-themed birthday party down by the shore, and all your old friends are invited. You worry for days wondering what you’ll get her to commemorate the special milestone. You know she loves that unique boutique style, but she also adores everything beach-inspired. For her next day frolicking in the surf and sand, you purchase an adorable repurposed cooler tote from the SailorBags brand! Inside, you stuff all the essentials: suntan lotion, a beach thermos, a pretty island towel and a few other coastal knick knacks. Finally, you top it off with a personal touch by getting her name embroidered across the front. Imagine her opening this divine gift in front of everyone—and all the oohs and aahs they’ll make! This vision could be a reality thanks to these superior seacloth treasures from SailorBags.


Sea Shell Beach Doormat
The mat is beautiful! We placed it on our deck outside the sliding glass door. Love the colors!
Susan Caldwell
Nov 26, 2019