Bay Scallop Doorbell Ringer, Brass

Bay Scallop Doorbell Ringer, Brass
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At, we truly value the trust it takes for a first time shopper to place an order with a retailer with which they don't have experience. That's why we do everything we can to ensure transparency in all of our policies, as well as true representation of our products. Here are a few of the reviews and testimonials that some 1 of our past customers have shared with us:

Dawn T.
Mar 27, 2019
Wow! This scallop shell doorbell is GORGEOUS! It is heavy weight and nicely backlit. Under the shell is a clear lighted plastic doorbell. When you press the shell against it, it rings. I was able to use my existing inside chime. I only had to enlarge the exterior hole a little in my case because we had a cheap plastic doorbell. Only a wire poked out of the house. This new doorbell has part of the very back tiny circuit portion submerged into house. It was easy to install.
It's the most beautiful doorbell I have ever seen.

Advantages: High quality solid brass
Easy to install
Scallop hangs like a knocker. (top hinge) Can lift up if needed.
Back lit full time.
Just press scallop shell to ring bell

Disadvantages: None
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