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A little pop of color never hurt anybody. And when you live down the shore, a touch of tropical flair is practically a necessity! So when it comes time to decorate each room in your coastal retreat, be sure to browse the many pretty, colorful offerings in the Propac Images collection of wall art and home accessories. This sensational shore brand brings you charming sea life framed artworks, nautical mirrors, maritime wall clocks and other accent pieces designed to be displayed in any elegant beach house. The collection brings you one-of-a-kind treasures that complement each other perfectly, not to mention your existing home décor. Whether it’s a single stunning artwork or a smart collection of 4 prints you can arrange together, there’s a perfect vision of the sea just waiting to be brought home to your coastal inspired vacation escape. Shop wall art featuring egrets, coral, sandpipers, seashells, blue herons, sailboats and other quintessential marsh, bay, dune and ocean imagery. Propac Images is known for their understated sophistication, offering you tiny pops of pretty color that won’t overwhelm a space no matter its current décor. From the living room to the kitchen to the guest bedroom to the master bath, choose your favorite mirror, sculpture or paper print with the confidence knowing it’ll be a beautiful addition to your wall decorations.

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Not exactly sure of the “look” you’re going for in your shore house master bedroom? Whether you tend to embrace a traditional nautical feel or a more contemporary Caribbean flair, the Propac Images collection has you covered. Try this out for size. Imagine a soft blue wall color to complement your rustic barnwood furniture set. Above your distressed coastal headboard, you arrange a collection of 3 watercolor palm tree prints by Propac. The set of framed designs features a cohesive vision of classic beach scenery in subtle blue, yellow and green. You install them horizontally, but decide to later switch them up for a fresh change in vertical fashion. Either way, these premier portraits are a pleasant addition to any bedroom setup. Come back soon to pick up a matching shore mirror, clock and other wall features for your shore suite!


Personalized Directional Arrow Sign
I changed personalization "TO THE BEACH" and it came out perfect with the arrow going to the left to the Pacific Ocean. Great quality and know we will enjoy it for many years to come.
Joyce A.
May 5, 2019