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Pillows by Coastal Location

When you’ve spent endless summers—and even off-seasons—in the beach town you call home, it’s hard to shake those cherished memories. Whether you’re lucky enough to have a house in your favorite port, or perhaps you want to pay tribute to the sandy place of your childhood escape, State Pillows has the ideal token. The vast line of embroidered coastal location pillows features a wide selection of the most popular coastal locations throughout the East, West, and islands. From Maine to Miami, Martha’s Vineyard to Malibu, each handcrafted treasure lets you bring a bit of coastal paradise to any room in your home.

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Pillows by Coastal Location handpicked a diverse array of shore towns to represent, meaning you’re sure to find a piece that pays homage to your beloved retreat. With meticulous hand-stitched and embroidered designs, each pillow bears the stylized name of a beach location alongside a colorful landscape of its special landmarks. You won’t find a treasure this unique in stores, as every single item includes an artisanal touch. The quality cotton pillows feature fluffy down, sturdy zippers, strong, beautiful piping, buttons, and more. From Nantucket to the Keys, Cape Cod to California, a fun, unique Coastal Location throw will complement every decor style throughout your home. How about a multicolored location accent pillow for your patio wicker set? Or, perhaps your formal living room or bedroom is in need of a colorful pick-me-up. No matter the level of elegance or whimsy you’re looking for, one of these understated but totally interesting gems will do the tropical trick.

Now here’s an idea. Have you thought about this year’s holidays, or planned for a loved one’s up-and-coming birthday? If that special someone is a self-proclaimed beach bum, why not surprise him or her with a matchless Coastal Location pillow? Maybe you’ve always spent weekends together in the Hamptons. Or perhaps the girls love jetting down for a fun-filled Florida weekend every winter. Our collection lets you pay tribute to those cherished memories, reminding you of the sun and sand every single day of the year. Check back often for our latest locales!


Crab Clock
Very nice! Live the look and the quality of product!I will order again packaging was great too! Thumbs up to the company!
Lisa B
Aug 3, 2019

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