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Octopus Home Decor

The ocean brings us some of the most wondrous creatures in the entire world. You can’t deny the beautiful magnificence of a great blue whale, or the quaint curiosity of a tiny seahorse. But at this moment, there’s one underwater being experiencing its own design renaissance, and that creature is the octopus. Home designers from East Coast to West are happily incorporating the sensational squid into their living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms—practically any space where an 8-tentacle friend will inspire fun, elegant flair. Now, you too can shop a vast selection of octopus inspired throw pillows, area rugs, bath accessories, and so much more, in the Octopus Home Décor Collection.

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Coastal Bamboo  Desk And Chair Set
Desk is well made and very pretty. Top is made of rounded bamboo which causes an uneven surface that making writing on it impossible. I feel there should be a glass top included. The top is a natural golden color not Tortoise like the rest of the desk but the color is pretty.
Kathryn Rossler
May 2, 2015

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