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Nautical Garden Flags

In olden times, nautical flags had a very practical and important purpose. Ships at sea would display different flags from the yardarms of their ships to send messages to other ships in the area. Sometimes messages of distress, or instructions for maneuvers, or just to tell everyone the admiral was on board and everyone one better be shipshape or face being keelhauled or walking the plank. But those days are long gone, a relic of history just like the wooden ships and the iron men who sailed them. These days nautical themed flags serve a very different purpose. If you have a home on the beach, or even if you’re a landlubber who longs for a reminder of the sea, nautical themed flags can bring a whimsical reminder of the briny deep into your home and garden.

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In the garden, or if you’re by the beach, in the sand with the sandspurs, an ocean themed flag can add some humor and give passersby a laugh or two. You can choose the ever popular pink flamingo, a definite favorite in Florida for some reason, or raise the Jolly Roger to show would be pirates you mean business.

Or nurture the spirit of a tropical paradise with a coastal garden flag showing swaying palm trees, seashells in the sand, or terns doing their little marathons in the surf. Or go a bit more whimsical with smiling suns with glowing rays, psychedelic tropical fish showing a contented smile, or a crab making his slow way across the pink sands. And of course there’s always the old standbys that never go out of style, lighthouses, pelicans, anchors, and fishing tackle. The decorative flags possibilities are almost endless.

Of course, garden flags can be used indoors too, to decorate walls and even standing tall out of a planter. Use them in a driftwood frame for maximum effect.

Whatever else you choose to create your nautical theme, in home or garden, don’t forget the seaside garden flags. The old sailors will salute you.


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