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Furnishing your beach home is difficult enough, but when it comes to finding the perfect artwork and other decorative additions, it’s hard to balance fun shore inspiration and sophistication. Luckily, you don’t need a top-notch interior designer to achieve the flawless maritime look you’ve been dreaming of. Browse the striking wall panel art collection from Mill Wood Art. This American brand utilizes gorgeous reclaimed wood and transforms each warm, rustic piece into an artistic masterpiece. From picturesque sunsets to coastal maps, island landscapes to winding boardwalks, every unique creation pays homage to the seafaring lifestyle.

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Mill Wood Art begins with an authentic United States rough milled log, converting its natural beauty into a unique, colorful portrait of coastal living. Shop from a diverse selection of vertical and horizontal wall panels that fit perfectly above a couch, mantle, bed, kitchen table, and beyond. Featuring incredible panoramic views of everything from a dune-covered beach to a marshy sound, an East Coast lighthouse to a pesky pelican, you’re sure to find the ideal match to capture your salty soul. Mill Wood Art’s stunning realism makes each one-of-a-kind piece a surefire focal point in every room. Whether you live in a small city apartment or an expansive summer home, it’s not enough to settle for the typical portrait. If you’re a beach-loving individual, wood art infuses a subtle rustic charm and warmth that you’ll appreciate for years and years to come. Have you been considering a designer installation or some other complicated statement wall in your master bedroom? So many coastal crusaders turn to Mill Wood Art for a spectacular alternative to the usual over-the-headboard painting. If you have a spare bedroom, guests’ jaws will drop when they wake up to a meticulously rendered shore pier with sunset. Or, if you’re thinking of gift ideas for a newlywed couple, look no further. The collection offers breathtaking landscapes, but many of its works also integrate subtle romantic themes that fit every gift-giving occasion. It’s time to reclaim nature and bring it home—with Mill Wood Art. 


Mermaid Silhouette Facing Left Wall Art - Aqua
Love it!! Perfect size. Going on the side of the shed overlooking the garden and pool. Just wish the mounting hardware was already attached prior to shipping.
Debra O'Connor
Aug 11, 2015

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