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Remember your last beach vacation? The sea, the sand, the surf. The peace you felt watching the waves break upon the shore, smoothing the sand out as the water receded. In the distance, a boat bobbed along gracefully. Sure, you told the bartender, I’ll have another. And you watched the sunset reflected on the water, rippling reds into purple. That moment may have passed into memory, but you can recreate it with beautiful coastal wall art. These coastal prints open up your home to the sights of the coast, endless moments captured in vibrant colors. Your wall becomes a window into that peaceful easy feeling you had at the beach. Your life may be fast paced, but a piece of coastal fine art can turn your home into a sanctuary of slower rhythms, a pace dictated by the tides.

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Each of these framed coastal art prints, drawings, and other artworks adds the soothing blues, dazzling yellows, and clear whites of waterfront life. With these colors as part of the palette of your home, you can turn your domicile into a sanctuary. Your walls protect you from the outside world; coastal wall art brings the peace and harmony of the shore within your walls. It’s the best of both worlds; safety and seclusion while you unwind under scenes of tranquil nature. Now your couch becomes your island vacation, your table a cantina by the beach, your bed the cozy hammock of a beach side resort. And you, well, you’ve got it lucky. You can live on island time no matter how landlocked you are.


Palm Tree Doormat
I love it! Just what I was looking for. Gives me that happy feeling when I walk into the door.
Cathy Musil
Jul 8, 2017

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