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Fish Decor

When you imagine the underwater world, what’s the first creature that comes to mind? If you think like most, you can’t get more “tropical” than the sight of a school of bright, beautiful fish. These charming swimming wonders have captured the hearts of kids and adults alike for centuries. But if you’re decorating your shore home, how can you incorporate these cute little creatures without erring on the side of a cartoon character theme? The fact is, specialty artisans have handcrafted a diverse array of fish-inspired furnishings that are not only delightful—they’re downright sophisticated! From light, fun, and funky to understated elegance, you’ll find the perfect “fishy” motif to populate your coastal home.

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The Fish Décor Collection delivers a variety of unique pieces featuring our favorite underwater friends. Begin by browsing a huge selection of indoor and outdoor area rugs with charming fish imagery. From subtle silhouettes to more colorful, detailed embroidery, you can pick out a quality mat to fit any space. Establish a theme by outfitting your living room with a stunning fish-shaped mirror crafted from reclaimed driftwood. Paired with a pretty set of fish throw pillows and marble coasters, guests will adore your thoughtful display. Then, take things into the kitchen with unique dishware with school of fish etching. You’ll find classy glass pieces to complete your bar, such as old-fashioned, wine and martini glasses, pitchers, and even a fun sculptural fish wine cork cage. Does your bedroom need a facelift? Introduce some striking dolphin, marlin, koi, or rainbow fish furnishings. From sculptures and wall art to sconces, signs, towels, and coat hooks, you can’t swim wrong—with the Fish Décor Collection.

Does you mom have a soft spot for all things underwater? Pay homage to her love for the sea with a great gift from the Fish Décor Collection. Imagine presenting her with a unique imported sculptural fish mirror. Recycled from old oil drums, these treasures are truly one-of-a-kind, and you won’t find them in a typical décor shop. Finish your holiday or birthday beach theme with a tropical fish wooden plaque with hand-painted rainbow stripes. She’ll be absolutely delighted, and best of all, the whole family will get to enjoy their stunning presence.

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School Of Fish Glasses
Ordered as a birthday gift for my mom. They are special order so they weren't going to ready in time. The shop emailed me to let me know it would take a few weeks so I could decide if I still wanted to order. I placed the order and asked them to send my mom an email to let her know about the gift. They did such a nice job, sending a warm birthday greeting along with a photo of the glasses! The customer service at Beach Decor is impeccable.
Mrs. Amy Young
Feb 4, 2014

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