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It’s hard to imagine life at the beach during the summer without a drink in your hand. From a refreshing glass of white wine on the patio to a sweet tropical cooler by the pool, sometimes the perfect day means the perfect drink. If you’re looking for a fun, practical gift or want to outfit your own seashore home with some fanciful coastal bar décor, look to the vast selection of wine and other beverage accessories from Epic Products. From ocean-inspired wine cork cages to gorgeous acrylic wine goblets and other bar essentials, you can carry your shore-themed décor into every room in the home. Perfect for your patio or basement bar, deck setup, or poolside tiki room, you’ll find quaint, colorful, and totally unique accents that’ll bring the salt life to your ordinary kitchen essentials.

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If you’re the consummate host during the summer, it’s important to stock your bar or wine cellar with more than the typical refreshments. Guests will absolutely swoon at the sight of your one-of-a-kind lighthouse, crab, whale, mermaid, or other whimsically designed wine and champagne cork cage with stunning patina finish. More than a terrific centerpiece, each decorative receptacle helps you hold on to memories and save your cork collection for display on your dining room table, bar top, coffee table, and beyond. If you’re looking for a super special wedding guest present or a small birthday or holiday token, consider a nautically inspired wine bottle stopper, glass stirrer set, flask, picture frame, and other tiny trinkets. Epic Products specializes in meticulously crafted designs you can’t find in typical stores. Bring a taste of the maritime to your beach-themed summer escape, city loft, or suburban home, and be sure to think of all your wine-loving friends when browsing their exquisite decorative treasures.

Are you planning your own seashore-themed wedding? If you want to make a grand entrance, think about a show-stopping centerpiece by Epic Products. A majestic octopus wine cork cage will grab your guests’ attention, and when you take your treasure home, it’ll look absolutely amazing in your nautical kitchen or bar room. Or, maybe you're headed to a few cocktail parties this season. Thank your host with a delightful wine glass slipper coaster set featuring fun sea life designs. Epic Products delivers only the best when it comes to tiny, thoughtful shore décor for wine—and beach—enthusiasts. Check back often for their latest additions!


Coastal Turtle Accent Rug
Looks great, we will see how it holds up in future.
Chris Dooley
Jan 11, 2015

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